Top 10 Studying Tips For College


There is a chance that you feel like you already know everything about college thanks to all the series movies you have watched and stories you have heard. Well, if you are talking about partying, then maybe, but let’s talk about real life here, let’s get serious.

College may be fun, college years will be fun, but they will be so much more than that. There will be difficult moments, there will be misunderstandings, there will be issues you wish you would do differently.

To minimize negative effects of those situations we offer you to pay attention to these top ten studying tips for college. We are sure that there is no need to tell you how to party, but we are also sure that these tips will come in handy when studying. 

Top 10 Studying Tips For College

Don’t try to become an overachiever from the very beginning

Being too slow and too fast are both bad choices. You cannot achieve stable results when you don’t follow a stable studying pace. Maybe students think that they will be as energetic as they were the first day in college, choose endless classes, sign up for extra activities, etc.

It never works well, never. There is no secret — we all tend to overestimate how efficient we can be in the upcoming week, month, year. That is why you should pace yourself from the beginning.

College is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It is better to gradually increase your load instead of missing deadlines and failing courses due to overload. 

Plan your routines first and additional activities second

This rule is a logical continuation of the previous one. You need to focus on your main classes, your major, your goals. First of all build your routines and activities that are related to those things, and only later, if you have time, if you see that you have enough energy and the progress is stable, add additional routines and activities.

It is difficult to pace yourself when others around you just keep choosing new and new activities. However, wait and see whose choice is right. 

Pay attention to your nutrition

It is a boring piece of advice, we know. Still, it is one of the most valuable ones. Keeping your nutrition at least somewhat healthy will help you in dealing with many issues. First, you will strengthen your immune system, get sick much less often and forget about stomach problems.

Did you know that 70% of our immune system is built in the intestine? Second, unhealthy nutrition triggers sugar jumps that trigger low attention spans, problems with concentration and cognitive function, as well as mood swings. Doesn’t seem too productive in terms of education does it? Healthy nutrition also helps with sleep. 

Study several hours every day

You know that in college you will have some empty days sometimes, or half of the day for individual work. It means that you will want to rest all that time, we know.

You will feel like you deserve it, like finally you can do it, and you will study twice as good tomorrow if today you rest well enough. It won’t happen. Tomorrow you will want to rest just the same amount of time and nothing will stop you.

Spread your learning load evenly and make sure you study several hours every day. This way homework assignments and other tasks won’t take you off guard. 

Establish your own rules and success strategies

Do whatever it takes for your educational success. We all have our own strategies, and those strategies should be efficient first of all for you, not for someone else. If you feel that you are under too much pressure, it may be a good time to look for some help.

As a matter of fact, buying college papers may be one of the winning strategies — considering you do it not too often, but use this option as a Plan B for force majeure situations. Professional writers will take over some of your assignments, while you focus on other tasks. 

Minimize interruptions on any given opportunity

College is full of interruptions. You don’t stand a chance to focus on something worthy (like your homework assignments and projects!) if you give in to peer pressure and follow every distraction on your way. It is not worth it.

Yes, all of those activities look interesting and you may feel like “It is one in a lifetime opportunity,” but believe us, it is not. Students are often victims to a FOMO, being afraid of missing out on some good opportunities. The secret is this — the best opportunities are the ones you catch without harming your educational progress.

Join not more than one study group

Online study groups have become increasingly popular recently, and it feels only natural to look for some assistance from such “organisations.” Finally, these groups are about studying, they are fun and they help you build some strong connections with your peers. We don’t have anything bad to say about these groups. We just want to warn you not to get involved with too many of them – it will only drain your time and energy. 

Make room for physical activity

Just like healthy nutrition, physical activity is crucial when it comes both to your health and success in college. We don’t mean professional sports, our goal is to show you an alternative way. First, you don’t need to spare too much time for physical activity.

Half an hour of work out every day is a great choice. It is better to start small and increase activity when you feel so. Second, physical activity is strongly connected with cognitive function, that you need to study well. 

We realize that there is no student in the world who would just follow all these rules and lead a perfect well-balanced life. Still, when you feel like you’re in a crisis, remember this article, and choose a piece of advice most suitable for your situation. 

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