Top 17 Fun Websites To Waste Your Time When Bored


Wasting time isn’t always a bad thing. We’re witnessing the Era of Productivity now. People are ready to do anything to achieve better results. The brightest minds keep coming up with new methods of helping office workers. Especially those who are close to burning out.

A collective effort may give a start to some pretty good ideas. One of them is that grownups shouldn’t feel ashamed to do useless things during breaks.

Top 17 Fun Websites To Waste Your Time When Bored

For example, diving into browser games that seem stupid at first. Or visiting a completely useless website to cool off. Get rid of any insecurities and check out how effective the examples below can be. Here is a list of popular options to start with. It will definitely enlarge your horizons and give pleasant emotions.

Top Fun Websites To Fight Boredom

1. Radio Garden

You’ll see a map here. But instead of countries, it’s a world of radio channels. Scattered around the globe, they broadcast music and entertaining programs.

Travel faster than light speed. Switch between shiny dots. Experience what it’s like to wake up in an unknown city. What music do people listen to? What language do they speak? What news do they discuss? Have a pleasant imaginary vacation.

2. Drive Me Insane

This weird project invites you to mess around someone’s house or office. Turn on the lights and move the stuff. Type sinister messages, which will slowly appear on the screen. Become a naughty spirit who wouldn’t let the owners live in peace. See in real-time how it’s going.

3. Kevin Games

Best browser games hosted in one place are an option, too. The .io effect is neat and simple, yet very entertaining. At the same time, it doesn’t distract your overloaded mind. Complicated graphics, long storytelling, numerous locations, and hard missions are not to be found here. Instead, you get fun, relaxation, victory, and best emotions right away, with no time-wasting. Light content unites fun, education, and positive moments. Apply to the catalogs to reboot in the middle of a working day.

4. Incredibox

With just a few clicks, you produce some good melodies here. Pick the samples you like and combine them into a hit. Use those cool musical and vocal effects. Make the characters sing the way you want it! Take control of the creative process. Turn some of them on and off whenever you feel like it. Listen to the way the artists perform your masterpieces.

5. Window Swap

If we can swap clothes, why not do the same with the view? Look out from someone else’s window in real-time with sounds and admire the diversity. One moment you’re in Moscow, facing a street busy with traffic. Then you teleport to New Zealand airport and watch planes take off and land. Or maybe you can find yourself in a small village in India? Check out what’s going on in this world right now.

6. Map Crunch

It is another way of wandering around the world. It takes you to the random Google Street View spot. So you can feel like using portals and see what’s up in distant locations. Discover and compare new places. Where are the roads and landscapes better: Bolivia, the UK, Slovenia? Conduct your own survey!

7. What Should I Read Next?

Stop torturing your neighbors and colleagues. Use the AI to pick your next favorite book. Go to this page. Name the author or the book you like. The rest is on the algorithm. It gives suggestions based on your tastes and other users’ experience.

8. Little Alchemy

It has become classic. You start with simple elements: air, earth, water, and fire. Combine them to get new items. Simple at first, they can grow into something interesting. From mud to complicated living beings. Keep it going and grow a dinosaur.

9. This Is Sand

In Buddhist traditions, the monks make and then destroy the mandalas of colored sand. Here you can practice kind of the same thing. Just click on the screen and enjoy the rustle of the falling sand. Watch as it fills in the space, change colors to create bright compositions. It teaches us to ease off without any effort.

10. Rainy Mood

The endless audio set claims to be perfect for sleep and study. Turn it on to make sure it works in both scenarios. Gentle thunder and relaxing sounds of heavy rain set your mind in the right direction. Surround yourself with cozy vibes to become focused on the presence.

11. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Meditation is a powerful method to let it go. Allow yourself 2 minutes of stillness, give your mind some rest. Don’t touch your mouse or keyboard for 120 seconds. Just enjoy the picture of the sea and imagine the sound of the waves. Even such a brief pause once or twice a day helps to concentrate better.

12. Random Things To Do

After doing nothing, you’ll feel the need to do something entertaining. If your creativity keeps silent, get some inspiration from this source. The platform features a collection of the most useful top lists. The funniest, the sweetest, and the most unexpected ideas are here to choose from.

13. 100,000 Stars

Visualization of more than 100,000 nearby stars adds to the spirit. It’s accompanied by music that sounds appropriate. Take a trip through myriads of space bodies. See any familiar dots? With so many of them, it’s unlikely. Zoom in to read the names and get carried away by cool visuals.

14. Endless Horse

The title speaks for itself. This time it’s a good, old, absolutely pointless action. Try to measure the length of the horse’s legs. Scroll down for as long as your patience allows. Is there an end? Who knows. Kill some time and find out for yourself.

15. Gravity Points

Try on the role of gravity master. Form gravity centers on your screen by clicking or tapping. Then watch them absorb everything else. The more they consume, the sooner they become cool black holes. They speed up particles around, and you expect a blow at some point. The spectacle won’t disappoint!

16. Eye Bleach Me

When you’re trying hard to unsee something, here’s an amazing solution. Replace the hurtful memories in your head with animal pictures. You can choose species. For instance, watch only kittens or dogs. Get primed for only the cutest images that make you feel relaxed.

17. The Useless Web

There’s got to be something more than just another weird website. How about the one that takes you to hundreds of such sites? You do absolutely nothing useful in these strange places. For example, watch a dog covered in a blanket. And climb the career ladder of its servant: from Assistant to Master Honorer and so on. Try other crazy activities, it’s always random.

Haven’t found anything worth your attention for some time? Check out the following alternatives. Some are perfect to do from home, others fit into breaks at work.

Advantages Of Useless Websites To Go On When Bored:

While some keep grumbling about online toys, several studies surprise with interesting results. They prove to be vital in our reality.

As to productivity, it’s a means to reset your mind to wash off tiredness.

15-20 entertaining minutes increase one’s productivity. Or at least don’t let it decline by hanging out on a useless website. The Federal Aviation Administration has conducted a study, proving the positive effects of time-off periods. Namely, they registered a 16% improvement in concentration and awareness.

Mix long sessions of work with brief intervals of funny things to do online. You’ll focus better and get rid of the fatigue. Learn more about the topic in the following article:

Boredom leads to addictions and depression.

With nothing to entertain your brain with, fear 2 negative consequences. You either choose to eat something fat or sugary. Or initiate a cycle of bitter thoughts.

To get away from this black hole of depression, consider gaming. You don’t even need to do something competitive or action-packed. Moreover, such activity as gaming is psychologically beneficial. Study a short article for more information. 

Improve skills with browser-based adventures.

So many fun websites, so many superpowers to develop. With the list we’ve prepared, you focus on creativity, imagination, and learning. Get infected by clever ideas and build antibodies against boredom.

At Your Fingertips

There are tons of best websites to go on when bored. No need to purchase and download special apps to get access to funny activities. Use the benefits of browser-based titles. The list above is only a tip of the iceberg. Talented developers keep coming up with new ideas every day.

Get positive emotions from home, invite friends, and laugh together. Make a break in the office when you feel tired of work. Give yourself time to rest and restore energy to go on with the tasks productively.

Or dive into virtual reality for the sake of learning. See the world and travel across the globe. Create music. Explore the universe. Get inspiration for reading. And much more.

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