Top-5 Poker Universities To level Up Your Skill


Poker universities are not really known and are not marketed as such. We did some research and found reputable institutions where you can learn how to play poker at a professional level.

Top Poker Universities

This article will help young aspiring poker pros to choose a school that not only offers the opportunity to play poker but also to secure a career-enhancing degree. By the way, if you haven’t played poker for a while and want to try your skills in a real-money game, grab a 400 bonus casino and use the extra cash for betting. 

There are several Ivy League schools on our list and some lesser-known institutions. We’ve focused primarily on the quality of poker tournaments, taking into account education and extracurricular opportunities as well. Here you’ll find a list of great poker universities that suit the needs and preferences of all types of students.

Top-5 Poker Universities

1. Harvard University

Harvard is one of the most selective and prestigious universities in the world, and it also offers excellent opportunities for poker courses and player meetings. The university itself has a large community of poker players, which is further complemented by an excellent selection of local venues that offer regular tournaments for students who are living on campus.

Harvard is an incubator for all things intellectual as well as commitment and achievement – all skills required to be a successful poker player. So it probably won’t surprise you that some of the most popular and successful poker players in the world have got their knowledge at this Ivy League institution: Richard Brodie and Andy Bloch, for instance. 

2. California Berkeley University

If you’re searching for another top university to learn the finer points of poker, UC Berkeley is certainly one of the best options. This elite university takes some of the brightest students in the country and turns them into career-oriented academics. But what many don’t know is that poker and generally high-stakes gambling is part of the university culture here, so to speak.

There are a lot of wealthy students who, in turn, have a lot of money to gamble at UC Berkeley. With the number of choices in the area, there are plenty of opportunities to hone your skills at this school.

Card casinos such as  Lucky Chances and Bay 101 are popular with UC Berkeley students and contribute greatly to the thriving poker community in the area.

The university has even included a poker course in its curriculum to look more attractive to the student community. Some professional players who you might know have gained their skills at this school, including Bill Edler, Joe Sebok, and Lauren Kling.

3. University of Manchester

This is one of the largest academic institutions in the UK which produces more than 12,000 graduates each year into the UK and international workforce. It;’s worth noting that it is considered a high-ranking member of the UK’s elite university club, the Russell Group.

One of the top poker stars from the University of Manchester is physicist and famous model Liv Boeree, who has amassed a huge amount of money over the course of her career.

Boeree’s poker career has generated some of the highest earnings of any woman in the world. This has included live earnings currently in excess of $4 million; she is also currently in the top half of the all-time earnings list for female poker players. 

4. University Of Cambridge

This fantastic and centuries-old university in the picturesque city of Cambridge has long been considered this place at the top of the academic world. Additionally, a storied culture of gambling and poker is lived here.

The cobbled streets of Cambridge serve as the perfect backdrop for students to conduct groundbreaking academic research and make a global impact on the poker industry.

In terms of quality as a poker university, Cambridge is one of the UK’s most notorious institutions for in-house poker play. It offers not just classrooms but also bars that are stylish classic venues where all students have an opportunity to meet and play cards in an informal atmosphere.

Over the decades, lots of wealthy international students from different parts of the world have played high-stakes games at these events, which often draw large crowds because of the monetary value at stake.

The poker players at the University of Cambridge are some of the greatest scientists, engineers, and philosophical thinkers in the world, and they participate in the most advanced poker courses in the world.

5. MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Undoubtedly, the pinnacle of high-academia coalescing with poker is located on the campus of MIT. This accredited university specializes in everything to do with quantitative fields and engineering.

Considering the benefits that basic statistics knowledge and probability theory can have on the game of poker, it is no surprise that regular teams of poker professionals have emerged from the MIT campus.

Students have dabbled in sophisticated card-counting techniques in the past, and there are lots of examples where the special academic knowledge has allowed them to win great amounts in casinos.

MIT also offers a free online course that teaches poker theory. If you want to expand your knowledge and get a clear understanding of the maths that underlies the game of poker, then you should definitely check out this course. 


The connection between talented academics and successful poker players is getting increasingly obvious. It is impossible to ignore the clear relationship between poker success and knowledge of complex math.

If poker is more than just a hobby for you, you should definitely consider the opportunity to get an education in one of the universities we included in our top selection.

The institutions mentioned in this article make up an impressive list of academic clout, providing students with career-enhancing education and building them a vast network of connections. This is where highly academic teaching and poker theory come together.

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