9 Top Tech Tools For World Language Classes


We are confident that some teachers have already become true experts in online technology for language learning during the quarantine and have chosen the most efficient method of interacting with students.

Regardless of how you arrange the learning process, we have picked some tools and resources in this article that strive to make contact with students more effective and the learning process itself more exciting!

Top Tech Tools For World Language Classes

Best Solutions For World Language Classes

1. Duolingo

Interval repetition, micro-learning, and gamification are all components of the Duolingo platform. For each lesson finished with this platform, you’ll receive bonus points. nyerögépes játékok

Each topic has a range of challenges that help you practice speaking abilities as well as hearing and translating. Duolingo is an awesome application, but there are many other incredible ones out there – these technology-based tools are terrific, so you should consider trying them out.

2. Readlang

Reading is an essential component of language learning. tippmix kalkulátor sportfogadás tippmix There are two techniques to reading in a foreign language in general: extensive and intensive. Extensive reading is just for pleasure, whereas intensive reading means actively working on the text, seeking new words, idioms, and noting grammatical structures.

Readlang, which allows you to read documents in over 40 languages, will aid with your intensive reading. You may contribute to the site or read already posted material for different levels of linguistic competence (from A1 to C2). You may also learn the translation of any foreign word and build a flashcard by clicking on it.

3. Italki

Italki is a platform for finding a professional instructor, tutor, or language partner. It’s similar to a social network for language students. You establish a profile in which you indicate which languages you know and which you are studying, as well as your degree of language skill.

There will undoubtedly be someone whose language you are studying as well as someone who is learning yours. Then Italki will assist you in arranging a dialogue and discussing the specifics of future language exchange.

3. Lang-8 platform

People from 190 nations collaborate to study about 90 languages on the Lang-8 platform. Not only can you obtain corrections to your work and comments on each phrase, but you can also aid individuals who are learning your native tongue. So, by assisting others, you may improve your own language proficiency as well as find some language learning buddies.

4. Reverso Context

Reverso Context is a useful dictionary for translating words from English into several different languages and vice versa. Its greatest feature, which any English learner would enjoy, is the translation in context.

That is, in addition to basic word translation options, the application will provide several instances of translation of real-world writings, among which you are certain to pick the best choice.

5. Memrise

The Memrise leverages repetition principles. Memrise calculates the frequency of your word usage and consults you on how to use your vocabulary. This tool works with a variety of languages.

Before no time, you’ll find yourself translating tons of documents like the experts in this translation services company. These experts have been tested and trusted, so if you need help, you can safely turn to them.

6. Quizlet

Language teachers frequently construct Quizlet study sets that include keywords in the target language and their English equivalents. Quizlet also provides vocabulary games in which students match words with images.

Consider attempting something new: Make a study kit for your students that includes maps to teach geography. This can help you identify places or countries where the target language is spoken.

7. Padlet

Padlet enables students to see a prompt and reply to it on an online discussion board. If you prefer a digital conversation rather than an oral one, you may have students answer using text, photographs, videos, or links.

This is an excellent tool for your pre- or post-reading conversations in the target language, as well as warm-up exercises or exit tickets.

8. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a free and simple tool that encourages students to improve their communication abilities. Students learn the language by generating short video replies and chats on a specified topic of the class. online ingyenes nyerőgépes játékok

Educators and students may use Flipgrid from home to participate in the educational process and continue their education.


Technology is always changing and evolving, and our actions should align with this change. Consider utilizing your favorite tech tools in new ways – not just for fun, but for your language learning, too.

As educational practitioners, we must continuously create fresh experiences to enable students to practice learning the languages while having fun in the meantime. Pick a few tools, add them to your curriculum, and see your language classes become that much more exciting!

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