Best Unetbootin Substitute For Live USB Booting For Windows & Linux

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  • UNetbootin


Name Of App: UNetbootin
Type Of App: Live USB Boot Creator
Type Of License: Free
Author: Geza Kovacs
Released On: 2007
Operating System: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

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Now you don’t need any cd to burn or waste your time on CD. Just use Unetbootin which let you create a live bootable USB drive for your Ubuntu device or any other distinction based on Linux.

There are two ways to get a live USB bootable drive for any of your Linux distribution.

  1. Automated: Unetbootin itself download for your device
  2. Manually: you can use your own iso file

How To Use Unetbootin

  • You need to select an iso file or choose a distribution
  • Now you need a hard disk or USB drive to select
  • Then reboot it

Note: in case if you are facing the issue that your device is not showing. You have to reformat at fat32.

If you selected a USB drive while rebooting

  • Now as you turn on your computer press the keys like Esc f12.
  • If you are using a Mac then just hold the option key.

If you are selected hark disk while rebooting

  • Now visit the windows boot menu
  • There will be the option of Unetbootin, just select this.

You can also use Unetbootin to load system utilities

How to installs other distribution

  • Download the Unetbootin
  • Start it in your device
  • There will be an option “disk image” click here and select the “iso file”

What to do if ISO not working

Mostly all of the distribution will work properly with Unetbootin, and the reason is it does not need distribution specific rules. But if still, any ISO doesn’t work there may be several reasons which are listed below.

  • All distribution don’t support USB boot
  • Some distribution need extra boot option
  • Some needed some other modifications for USB boot

Alternative To Unetbootin


It is free to use software or program for booting. It helps you to create the bootable USB drive, hard disk or SD card. Etcher support windows, Mac and Linux. Just visit their site and download it for your operating system.

  • Make booting easier with Etcher
  • A validated flashing to avoid issues like corrupted cards
  • It doesn’t require your entire hard drive space. Make a separate section for boot.
  • Easy to use user-friendly interface
  • Completely free to use, don’t require any extra fees
  • It is a cross-platform program


Yumi, which means your universal multiboot installer which helps you in many works like boot your flash drive, disk cloning, utilities like anti-virus etc. In contrast, the other similar tools use the grub for booting but Yumi uses syslinux.

  • User-friendly user dashboard to make booting easy
  • Don’t need to waste all your drive space for boot, make a separate portion for booting.
  • Also, provide many diagnostic tools
  • Also let you disk cloning


It is also a good similar site for the Linux to create the bootable USB drive or hard disk in easy steps. With the help of Rufus, you can format and boot “flash devices” like Pendrive, USB key, SD card etc.

  • It let you make a USB installation media from iso
  • Boot any USB flash drives
  • Flash any firmware from dos
  • In comparison to other, it is much fast

Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer it is a Linux creator (tool) to create bootable USB drive or disk. It is simple like 123 because it has an easy to use interface which makes the work of booting USB drives easy. For booting, you just need a Linux distribution, an iso image, and USB drive.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast and reliable
  • Persistence for Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu Casper
  • 4GB+ casper-rw

It is a window open source software, LinuxLive USB Creator let you make bootable USB drive running Linux. The best part, it has simple to use interface. You don’t required to be a master to use it.

  • Can try Linux if you are a beginner.
  • 100+ supported distribution
  • Don’t need to reboot
  • Completely open source
  • Multilingual
  • Auto integrity check

Multibootusb is a software for live USB drive boot creation. It is an open source cross-platform software and you don’t need to spend any penny to use it.

  • Free to use
  • Create many live Linux on a USB drive or disk
  • Uninstall distros
  • Cross-platform

WinSetupFromUSB, it is a free open source windows software program which let you install a windows operating system from a USB drive or disk.

  • Open source
  • Install any windows version from a USB drive
  • Easily add many Windows setup
  • As well as add multiple WinPE2


LIVEUSB INSTALL, it is a windows and Linux open source software for live USB booting in easy steps. It let you install multiple Linux distributions as well as multiple operating systems on your removable USB drive or disk. It supports mostly all of the Linux distribution.

  • Auto Linux distribution download
  • A huge list of Linux distributions
  • Cross-platform
  • Open source

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