Vibeclouds Alternatives 2018: Similar Sites Like Vibe cloud For Music Lovers

  • Vibe Cloud


Name Of Site: Vibe Cloud
Type Of Site: Audio Hosting
Category: services
Type of license: Free

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Vibe cloud, it is a free audio hosting site which let you host (upload) your audio files for free. As well as you can also stream audio online with their advance HTML 5 audio player. Vibe Cloud contains a huge database collection of music. It has one of the largest audio databases on the Internet. Having a giant database provide you various variety. At Vibe Cloud you can find millions of songs which can be easily downloaded with a single click.

What you can do with Vibe Cloud

  1. Upload your favorite music: having your own music, then upload it here.
  2. Download songs: Easily songs download to make your offline playlist
  3. Listen to songs: or even directly stream your favorite music

How to upload music

It is simple, you just needed few steps to upload your music.

Steps are here

  • Visit the site
  • Make your account for free
  • Click on upload option
  • Upload your audio file
  • You are done

In term of security, vibe cloud is best, all of your files are fully secured to their cloud.


  • Search files: search the community upload files
  • Download: Easily save audio files to your device for offline listening.
  • Upload: Easily upload your audio files for free
  • Secure: your file is completely secure here


I’m Term of copyright vibe cloud has very strict policies, if you upload any copyright files to their server, they will delete it or even can ban you. So be careful while uploading files.

Vibe clouds Alternatives


TheSixtyOne (t61), it is no more now, the site is closed for always. TheSixtyOne was a music streaming site or company. Their work was to organize and promote artist music, as well as they also sell music., it is a multilingual music streaming community/site. The site is owned by Matt Lee & Rob Myers and created by GNU Project in 2009. To use the site’s features you need to register for a free account.


Jamendo is a music service related company best for musicians and music lovers. Founded in 2005 by the group of three members Pierre GĂ©rard, Laurent Kratz, Sylvain Zimmer.

It is a music streaming social network platform where you can enjoy music with the other members. Means you can be the DJ of the members. Here you can listen, share and connect with members.


It is the best application for the music lover and one of the best vibe cloud alternatives for listening and downloading music for free.


Iomoio let you download or you can purchase music at the reasonable price. Even here you can find best selling songs, albums and lot more for a music lover.


Back to 2006 when Mp3fiesta was founded. The site is for the selling Tracks, soundtracks, etc.


It is an online music player, based on the cloud which offers you unlimited no of music to download and stream. It has some amazing features like finding music from the around 16 music search engines, easily find music and lot more.

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