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Name Of Site: Xmarks
Type Of Site: Bookmarking
Category: Content Synchronization
Developed By: Marvasol, Inc.
Released On: 2006
Platform: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari
Type Of License: Free

Note: As per the announcement of the LastPass, who owned Xmarks, the service would be no longer available from may 1, 2018. It is going to be shut down, so here we have some best Xmarks alternatives “similar bookmarking sites” which you can use in absence of Xmarks.

Xmarks is an extension (add-on) for the web browsers, support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. It is a bookmarking browser extension which helps you in content Synchronization. In simple term, you like any webpage, video or something else so you can save the URL to Xmarks. You can make your bookmark public or private, it will be your choice.

The addon is developed by Foxmarks, which was situated in San Francisco, later they changed the company name from Foxmarks to Xmarks. And It was founded in 2006 then later after 4 years in 2010 LastPass purchased it.

How It Works

It works similar to other bookmarking synchronizers. Make an account and start sync your content.

  • Visit your web browser addon section
  • Search for the Xmarks
  • Add to browser
  • Make your account with a simple sign up
  • Now whenever you need to add any URL, just click on the Xmarks toolbar icon
  • Click on myxmarks
  • From the menu click on new
  • Then tap add new bookmark
  • Fill all info along URL
  • Click save to done

How to Delete Anything

  • Select anything which you want to delete, to select just click on the item.
  • Then from the menu click delete.

Even you can search bookmark, tap on search from the menu and type the term to search.

Import Bookmark from Delicious

Yes if you are on Delicious and have lots of bookmarks there so you can easily import. But you have to buy this addon (tool), it is not free.

  1. From the menu click on the tool
  2. Click on import from delicious
  3. Easily import items

Alternatives To Xmarks


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What Is Here In This Post

Here we added best alternatives, similar sites, substitute to Xmarks for social bookmarking

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  1. I would also add Bookmark OS to this list. Maybe remove Reddit since that is more about content discovery.

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