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  • Xpadder


Name Of The Software: Xpadder
Type Of The Software: Keyword Emulator
Category: Emulator
Created By: Jonathan Firth
Type Of License: Paid
Operating System: Windows

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What is Xpadder

Xpadder is an emulator (software) which helps you to emulate your pc keyboard or controller to gamepad, joystick or any other gaming controller. When you play PC games, it really difficult to fully control the game with the computer keyboards. So what Xpadder do, it help you to control your pc game with a gamepad, or any other gaming controller.

Xpadder is created by Jonathan Firth and it is one of the most popular software for Windows PC. نادي بايرن ميونيخ  Xpadder has more than 4 million active users who use it to emulate pc keyboards to gamepad or else.


  • Map your PC keyboards key and mouse to gaming controllers
  • Can also map your mouse pointer
  • Xpadder is also able to control combinations, sequences as well as shift sets
  • Can control music and videos too

Supported operating system

All version of windows

  • 10
  • 8.1
  • 8
  • 7
  • Vista
  • XP


  1. English
  2. Deutsch
  3. Español
  4. Português
  5. Italiano
  6. Français
  7. Russian
  8. Chinese
  9. Polish
  10. Japanese

How to download Xpadder

Xpadder has not any free version or any free trial. A user has to pay total 9.99 USD which will be the one-time payment for all of its future version. كم عدد ورق الكوتشينة With the purchase, a user gets the access to download all its future versions.

Below is the steps to download the software

  1. Visit the site
  2. Submit your email
  3. You will get an email back with the link which helps to make the payment and download the software

How To Download Xpadder for Free

Yes, it is possible to download Xpadder for free.

Is the free version is cracked?

This questions quickly hits the mind when we say, yes this software can be download for free.

To explain why it is also available for free, We will like to tell you the history of Xpadder

  • When it launched, it was completely free to download and use
  • On 9, Oct, 2008 the creator of the software announced to discontinue their software
  • But soon Jonathan Firth decided to continue the software with its paid version (5.4)

So the Xpadder was free till the 5.3 version. There are multiple of websites which still have 5.3 version of the software, which you can download for free but could not upgrade it.

Note: we do not support to download the free version because it may contain virus or malware. قرعة يورو 2024

Is Xpadder safe?

We can not tell anything about the free version, it may contain any virus or something else.

But the paid version of Xpadder is safe and do not contain any type of malware or virus so feel free to download and use.

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