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Name Of Site: Youtube Founded By: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley And Jawed Karim Founded On: February 14, 2005 Alexa Ranking: 2

What is YouTube

YouTube is the today’s leading video hosting and video entertainment site operated by the Search engine giant Google (no: 1 search engine of the world).

After the Google YouTube is the second largest search engine. And no:1 video search engine over the internet.

On February 14, 2005, three former employees of the PayPal Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim launched a video hosting platform named YouTube, where any internet user can upload or view a video for free.

The idea behind the YouTube was great & unique, and that is why in very short of time YouTube started to get the positive responses from the users.

So in 2006 Google decides to purchased the YouTube and finally bought it for US$1.65 billion.

What Make YouTube So Special

As we know that YouTube is the no1 video search engine. So it gives you the vast opportunity to generate millions of audience or customers on your video content.

YouTube is completely free; you have not to anything to using this. Rather you are watching videos or uploading.

YouTube also provides an excellent opportunity of making money online. Making money on YouTube is easy and do not need any technical knowledge.

Generating Lead is also simple and much effective with YouTube. Having a simple and relevant YouTube channel can grow audience for business.

Simple but much powerful: YouTube is so simple, anyone can use YouTube with just some common sense, there is not any rocket science. Other hand it has powerful results.

How to watch videos On YouTube

Just visit YouTube on your mobile app or in your computer browser. You can directly enjoy videos from there.

Add your email with YouTube so that you will be able to get suggestions according to your preference.

To watch any 18+ videos or any restricted video user have to sign in to YouTube with a Gmail account.

You can also filter your search results.

To do this just search anything

Below the search box, you will get a button “filter.”

Just press it, and now you will be able to make a filter for better search results.

How to make a YouTube channel to share your video

YouTube also provide this option to their users that they can upload their video for free on YouTube. To do this, they need a YouTube channel.

To make a YouTube channel you need a Gmail account to link your YouTube.

Once you linked a Gmail with YouTube. Go to the dashboard and click on create a channel.

It will just take few minutes to make your channel. Once done You can upload your video instantly without any approval or something.

Some Interesting features Of YouTube


Can get trending videos in just one click. With the trending features of youtube, you will able to watch all of the current trending videos at once place.


Can filter youtube videos by date, time durations, and features. It can help you to get relevant serach result from the millions of videos.


This is a fantastic function which led you to get all of the notification reading your subscribed channel. You just need to subscribe a channel and get all of the information in your email.

Earn Money With Adsense

If you have a channel and want to make money so just link your channel with Adsense to show advertisement over your videos.

Alternatives To Youtube


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